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Ormskirk Chess - 'Summer Knights' Tournament

Following some requests for slightly longer games this tournament is now beginning.

This provides a longer game that earlier events with timing of 20 minutes per player allowed.

There will be a either 3 or 4 rounds depending on number of players.

These are open only to Ormskirk Chess Club members.

Because we need even numbers, advance entry is essential. If we have an odd number then the last person to register will miss out (sorry!).

Entries will only be accepted by text to 07974 791909 in the form 'Please enter (me)(name) to Summer Knights'. Though the deadline is noon, Sunday, to avoid missing out, early entry is recommended!
No entry by text=no play!

Registered players may join tournament from 1 hour before the start.

Joining the tournament

The 'Summer Knights' Tournaments are organised in the same way as other Ormskirk Chess Club on-line events.
Once registered for one, you are registered for all. The same rules and conditions apply.

Follow this link for sign up instructions: Joining Up!


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